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  1. Introduction
  2. Installation
  3. Licence


Cassandre works as a Website, which means that :

  1. First, Cassandre can be used with any computer bound to the Internet (Mac, PC, whatever the operating system).
  2. As for a website, you need a client software. For website, client software are called (browsers), as Firefox, for instance. For Cassandre, either Porphyry or Agoræ can be used.

... more on Agoræ or on Porphyry (in French)


Cassandre can not be installed on a desktop computer. Instead, as a website, it is installed on a server. Of course we don't all own a server. The easier way to use Cassandre consists in connecting on a already Cassandre-provided server. Such a server is available at the Université de Liège or at the Technological University of Troyes.

Your local guru is of course also allowed to install Cassandre on a server of your company, administration or university. Notes are furnished in order to perform such an installation (the complete procedure takes only few minutes). The INSTALL file (available in the source code) gives more details about server requirements.

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Cassandre is a free software.

  1. It is released under (GPL), readable on the FSF website.
  2. Christophe Lejeune is the author of Cassandre.
  3. Cassandre's logo is a reference to the copyleft philosophy (as opposed to copyright). In short, Cassandre is free software, anybody can use it, distribute copies or read code source... while the author mention remains, of course.
  4. Note that free does not imply at no cost.

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